Story Telling

Story Telling at Imagination Station

Ages: 5-8 years old (Years 0-3)

Session Length: 60 Minutes or 90 Minutes

Price: $6.50 per child per hour (Minimum $100 per hour)

Curriculum links: English; Listening, Reading and Viewing, English; Speaking, Writing and Presenting, Visual Arts

Key Competencies: Thinking, Using Language, Symbols and Text, Participating and contributing



Over the course of this lesson, students will explore what makes a good story and how we can become better storytellers. We will look at the aspects of plot, character and setting and the effect these have on the feeling of our story. The aim of this lesson is to use construction to form ideas, write a story and illustrate aspects of the story.

This can then be shared in groups and photographed to take back to school. Older students may be interested in using their story later in a session of stop motion movie-making! 

This program easily allows for alterations for age and topic of study. This can be done with either a focus on oral or written language. 60-90 mins per session, depending on students’ ages and written language ability.

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