Imagination Station is a charitable enterprise specialising in creative play and creative education in Christchurch.

What do we do?

  • We offer building spaces where you can can come and build to your heart’s content in with LEGO, LEGO Technic and DUPLO, open seven days a week. More information here.
  • We host a variety of learning workshops, both to school groups; and to individuals after school, and during weekends and school holidays. More information here.
  • We host birthday parties at Imagination Station, which a great range of options. More information here.
  • We host team building sessions for businesses. More information here.
  • You can hire our venue after hours for a private event. More information here.

Everyone is welcome to come, bring their own food and have a relaxing time. In Cathedral Junction, we also have a suite of 12 iMacs that we use for our classes in stop motion animation, robotics and digital LEGO design. We also are offering a range of educational classes to schools and community groups in both our Central City and New Brighton locations. Maps can be viewed at the bottom of the page.


Imagination Station’s mission is to build creative, lifelong learners.

We do this by providing an environment aligning with our 4 key values: Creativity, Engagement, Accessibility, and Exploration.

Creativity: Creative play is essential to developing creative minds – which result in the critical skills of innovation and empathy being developed.
Engagement: Developing any skill requires time and practice. We use LEGO products as a trusted tool to encourage people of all ages to engage with both their own imaginations, and the world around them.
Accessibility: We’re passionate about ensuring that our space is accessible to everyone in the community, empowering community to break down social barriers, leading to a more well-rounded community.
Exploration: By providing opportunity for enjoyable education, we encourage people to be explorative learners and thinkers, a necessary part of developing a creative community.



Anna Ross - Operations Manager
Anna has a background in science, design and classroom teaching, so finds working at Imagination Station to be an excellent way to bring all her skills together in a job that requires the best parts of each with all the boring bits removed. She particularly enjoys having twelve Lego Mindstorms kits to experiment with at Imagination Station. It should come as no surprise that her favourite class at Imagination Station is definitely robot battles. Anna is a lifetime fan of LEGO, with her earliest LEGO memories featuring Fabuland and the classic space sets. She also boasts an extensive minifigure collection. Prior to taking on the position of Operations Manager, Anna was the Senior Facilitator at Imagination Station.


Evelyn Yeap - Play Facilitator & Volunteer Coordinator

Evelyn has a great passion for education. She is currently a PhD student at the University of Canterbury, her study focuses on outdoor education and experiential learning, and she believes that learning takes place everywhere outside of the classroom, anytime and anywhere. LEGO is one great example of experiential learning that helps to enhance critical and creative thinking skills. Her current interest is using LEGO as a great material in team building. She is a great fan of Disney and her favourite Disney princess is Ariel, the mermaid, she would love to own The Little Mermaid LEGO set one day. Her soul is with the ocean, she especially loves dolphins and whales and hopes to see all the species one day in the wild. She is a fan of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Ocean Quest Asia and has dedicated her free time to volunteer with them. She also spends much of her free time serving in the choir and the creche in church.

Amy Ryan - Play Facilitator

Amy has a passion for learning with a background in History, Education and Museums. When she’s not at Imagination Station she is the archivist at Villa Maria College and volunteering behind the scenes at the Air Force Museum. She also loves reading, planning her future travels, Disney and Doctor Who. Amy has worked with children of all ages, starting in afterschool care while she was still at high school and going on to train as a secondary teacher. LEGO was one of her very favourite things as a child and she is super excited to facilitate LEGO play with our visitors!


Sylvia Anitelea - Play Facilitator

Sylvia is all about serving her community in any way she can! She has a background in voluntary work for Community Food Pantries, as well as with children and youth services. Sylvia loves that Imagination Station provides a safe environment for the community to create and explore all the wonders of LEGO. Sylvia loves all things Marvel in a galaxy far far away and Middle Earth! She also enjoys meeting new people, thrift shopping and discovering new music. When she’s not at Imagination Station, she is hanging out with her large and loud family, volunteering at her local church, eating cake or binge watching the latest superhero series.

Ayal Dimant - Play Facilitator

Ayal has always been one to seek answers and information. Currently he is studying towards his Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry and psychology. Ayal believes that creativity has no bounds and that LEGO is an excellent tool to express these ideas. For as long as he can remember Ayal has had LEGO and still has it all, including almost every set from the 10 years of Bionicles. In his free time he enjoys rock climbing, swimming and seeing live music. Before being in the position of facilitator Ayal was a dedicated volunteer at Imagination Station, both in Christchurch Central and New Brighton.


Sam Butcher - Director 

Sam is the one who does all the ‘behind the scenes’ work—you’ll see him from time to time at Imagination Station, but most of his work is done from the BNZ Community101 space or a home office, due to space restraints. He’s responsible for making sure we can stay open: engaging partners, hiring staff, managing investments and equipment, managing our relationship with the LEGO Group and making sure we stay in line with the strategic focus of BUG4/2, the registered charity we operate under. Sam studied commerce at the University of Canterbury, completing a degree in Business Economics and Information Systems. Sam has been involved with a number of small businesses either as an owner or an employee. He has also previously worked for the New Zealand Commerce Commission and Canterbury DHB. 
Sam’s experience with LEGO is hugely broad. He was a founding member of LUG4/2, serving as the Deputy Chair from 2012 until 2015, and acted as the ambassador to the LEGO group during that time. He has taught LEGO Mindstorms at several different schools, and has also done a number of large-scale custom builds for companies around New Zealand. Outside of work, Sam loves spending time with his wife Jasmine, and enjoys building the occasional LEGO model, scouting out new music artists, reading, and exploring New Zealand.

Please feel free to contact Sam directly via email with any concerns, feedback or enquiries.


Imagination Station first opened its doors to the public in January of 2015. We were initially set up as a six month project after some creative ideas started flowing between the local LEGO Users’ Group (LUG4/2) and the Christchurch City Council. Imagination Station is still run by LUG4/2 (whom you may be familiar with as the organisers of The Christchurch Brick Show), which is an incorporated society and registered charity.