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Professional Team Building


Whoever said playing with LEGO bricks was just for kids?!

Certainly not our team here at Imagination Station. We believe that play is powerful, and the LEGO Serious Play® methodology is an excellent team building resource when making sure your business is working effectively.

We know that at heart, everyone loves LEGO bricks - either actively or passively. We also know that very few things can bring a team together like a collaborative, fun project. That's why we now offer team-building here at Imagination Station!

We have a variety of options for your team to enjoy and learn from. Whether you need to work on team communication, encourage each other to think outside the square, or just need to have some fun together, we have an option for you!


Our most popular activities include:

- "Adult Challenge Zone", where teams race against one another to build a range of quick-fire LEGO models.

- "Robot Wars", where teams design, build, and program robots to battle against one another. The last robot surviving is the winner! 

- "LEGO Serious Play", where our team run a range of ice-breakers followed by customisable activities, each designed to ensure your team is ready to face whatever challenges they may be facing now or in the future.


We've worked with a wide range of organisations to de-stress, and practice problem solving.


Is your organisation next?



Webtools had a great time doing Team Building at Imagination Station!AgResearch had a great time doing Team Building with Imagination Station!Spark had a great time doing team building at Imagination StationImagination Station had a great time doing Team Building with Mike Pero ! Foodstuffs had a great time doing Team Building with Imagination Station!St Johns had a great time doing Team Building at Imagination Station!



We have a range of spaces available to suit your group, with room for up to 200 guests on site in Tūranga. We can also travel out to your offices if you prefer to stay at another location.

To enquire, fill in the form below and let us know how we can make your next team-building day memorable and worthwhile!