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Welcome to Imagination Station

Open daily from 10am-6pm

Entrance is FREE, but we welcome donations!
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As we only have one fire exit, our capacity is limited to 50 people. If you would like to be certain that we can let you in when you arrive, you can now make a free 60 minute booking at the weekends and during the holidays. This will be the only way to guarantee entry to play in our LEGO and DUPLO pits during these periods.

Book here!

When planning to visit, don’t forget to  check out the How busy are we today? page showing our bookings for the week along with our expected public capacity. We hate having to turn people away!


Thank you very much for a wonderful afternoon… Hamish and the other children had a really fun time and great for them to do something that challenged them and they were able to see the results of their efforts.
(Stop Motion Party)



Very easy to book.
Welcoming. Encouraging. Organised.
Empowering for children. Inspiring.

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