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Technic Contraptions

Mechanics with LEGO Technic at Imagination Station

Ages: 8-15 years old (Years 3-10)

Session Length: 60 Minutes + (typically 90 minutes)

Price: $5.50 per child per hour (Minimum $70 per hour) + GST

Curriculum links: Physical World, Technical Knowledge, Technical Practice

Key Competencies: Thinking, Managing Self, Relating to Others



Allow us to introduce your students to LEGO Technic, which allows them to create advanced models with moving parts. 

We will begin the Technic building quick-fire session by investigating the different types of Technic pieces available to build with, how gears and pulleys work, and how LEGO Technic works with normal LEGO Bricks.

Once students have gained some confidence working with Technic, they will have the opportunity to build a Technic contraption suited to their age - perhaps a catapult, a set of scales, a working clock, a digger, a flying house, or maybe just a simple paper crinkler.

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