SOLD OUT: Technic Starter

SOLD OUT: Technic Starter at Imagination Station

Come along to this exciting sixty minute session to learn all about how to build with LEGO Technic. LEGO Technic uses a system of pins, axels, lift arms, gears and other specialised building parts to create structures designed to move. We have a variety of simple machines that students can copy and improve on. A catapult, a rubber band car, a grabbing machine and more!

We recommend this class for 5-8 year-olds. Students under the age of eight will need an adult to come along, join in and help out. Don't worry, there is no extra ticket or expertise required for parents/caregivers! 

This session will be run in the facilitation space (near the computer labs) on Auahatanga | Creativity (level four).

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