Stop-Motion Animation

Stop-Motion Animation at Imagination Station

Ages: 7-15 years old (Years 2-10)

Session Length: 90 Minutes +

Price: $6.50 per child per hour (Minimum $100 per hour)

Curriculum links: Technical Knowledge, Technical Practice, Nature of Technology, Visual Arts

Key Competencies: Thinking, Managing Self, Relating to Others.

Let your students' imaginations run wild as they learn how to make their own LEGO Stop-motion Animation Movies.

Students will learn basic film-making principles and LEGO-specific techniques used in producing animations that stretch the imagination. This is a stand-alone workshop that will suit beginners as well as anyone with some prior experience that wishes to develop their skills further. We have a professional set up using cameras, lighting and tripods, as well as 12 iMacs optimised for use with iStopMotion.

This session can be extended to multiple sessions encompassing many features of filmmaking, including genre studies, shot types, editing and sound.

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