Renewable Energy with LEGO and Genesis School-gen

Renewable Energy with LEGO and Genesis School-gen at Imagination Station

In partnership with Genesis School-gen, Imagination Station is running a special programme to help kids explore renewable energy with LEGO. Children will work in pairs to build LEGO Technic contraptions powered by renewable energy sources. Wind power? Solar power? Muscle power? Where there is energy, we harness it!

Participants will have instructions to follow in order to build their model, but once they feel confident with building, we'll give them extra challenges to improve the design. They'll modify their machine to make it one of a kind!

The kids can also have a go on Genesis School-gen’s awesome Human Energy Generator, putting their muscle power to use!

Never heard of Genesis School-gen? Check out their awesome student and teacher STEM resources, activities and games at

We recommend this class for students aged eight and over.
Younger imagineers are welcome, but an adult will need to accompany them and help out (no extra charge).

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