Imagination Station Holiday Brick School

Imagination Station Holiday Brick School at Imagination Station
Brick School will be back in the October holidays! Drop off your children for a day of LEGO fun with our experienced team!

This is a day programme for children aged 5 to 13 years of age (recommended age 6 to 11). There will be a variety of activities, play in the LEGO pit, ongoing challenges and learning new things. We will have a balance of structured and unstructured time throughout the day, with different themes and challenges to keep the kids focussed and having fun. We are offering Brick School from 10:00am-4:00pm Monday through Friday for the fortnight beginning Monday July 9. Later pick up is available—check out our options!

If you've got multiple children coming along (or a child coming for multiple days), use promo code 'Brickschool' for a special discount!

What does a typical day at Brick School look like?

Different days might have things in different orders, but it will contain the same amount of fun!

10.00am: Checking in for the day. Quickfire building challenges for anyone interested and setting up some goals for the day.
11.00 am: Stop motion free-play. What sort of story can you tell with what you have been building? (Please note, this is not a full stop motion animation class run by our teaching staff. The Brick School staff run through the basics with the children, and they get 30-60 minutes to shoot their films).
12.30pm: Lunch (bring your own).
1.00pm: How to make catapults that fly LEGO really far.
2.30pm: Afternoon tea—a cookie from Mrs Higgins or a bag of popcorn (please advise us of any allergies). Then some free time to continue your building projects.
4.00pm: Home time, or more challenges for those booked in for a late pickup.


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