Play at Imagination Station in Cathedral Junction

Play at Imagination Station in Cathedral Junction at Imagination Station

You might have noticed that Imagination Station can get quite busy. We don't like having to tell people we're full, so we've organised a way you can be sure you'll have a spot! As we only have one fire exit, our capacity is limited to 50 people at any given time, so we've set up this booking system so you can guarantee entry when you arrive.

Bookings are for one hour of play at Imagination Station in Cathedral Junction, seven days a week. Bookings are essential during school holidays, and we highly recommend making a booking to play at weekends. Out of respect for other visitors also hoping to guarantee a space, please limit your play booking to 2 consecutive hours during weekends or holidays.

When you book, please make sure you include all members of your group in the booking: adults, children and babies.

Playing at Imagination Station in Cathedral Junction does not have a fixed fee—this ensures that it's accessible for everyone. Simply give what you can afford to help keep Imagination Station going!

(Playing at Imagination Station in New Brighton does not currently require bookings, and has a minimum entry of $2pp.)

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