School Visits


For decades, LEGO has been encouraging imaginative and educational play for children and adults alike. Naturally, with our HUGE collection and excellent facilities, we want to offer learning opportunities to the children of Christchurch!

All of our programmes can easily be adapted to suit a wide range of age groups, so don’t hesitate to fill out our enquiry form to get more information about our programmes. We have a range of curriculum based lesson plans that we can offer you.

Check out the programmes we have on offer below - once you've found the right programme for your class, fill out our enquiry form to get the conversation started.

This is a fast-paced and fun teams event! Which team can complete the most challenges and score the most points? This session can be easily targeted for any age group and topic of study.

Once upon a time… There was a very familiar story about a princess… and she lived happily ever after. Surely we can we tell better stories than that?

Over the course of this lesson, students will explore what makes a good story and how we can become better storytellers. We will look at the aspects of plot, character and setting and the effect these have on the feeling of our story. The aim of this lesson is to use construction to form ideas, write a story and illustrate aspects of the story. This can then be shared in groups or photographed to take back to school; it could even be used later in a session of stop motion movie-making!

This program easily allows for alterations for age and topic of study. This can be done with either a focus on oral or written language. 60-90 mins per session, depending on students’ ages and written language ability.

Allow us to introduce your students to LEGO Technic, which allows them to create more advanced models with moving parts. Your class will be split into two groups. Each group will have a 45 minute mini-session working with one of our facilitators and 45 minutes to play in our LEGO and DUPLO pits.

We will begin the Technic building mini-session by investigating the different types of Technic pieces available to build with. The next step is get creative and see what we can build that moves—maybe a digger, maybe a giraffe, maybe a flying house… Once students have gained some confidence working with Technic, they will have the opportunity to follow some building instructions to create a Technic contraption such as a catapult, a set of scales, or a paper crinkler.

Legopolis is a brand new city in the South Island! But there is a problem. Legopolis was not designed very well. There are 4 supermarkets all next to each other, and all the roads lead to nowhere! We need some town planners to join together and design a brand new layout for this mixed up city!

In this session, we will think about all the types of places we see around our city, and how we can best arrange a city. The aim of this session is for students to think critically about planning and purpose, and then physically build their city!

In this session, students will be introduced to LEGO Technic and use it to build simple machines. We will investigate gearing, create catapults, build LEGO grabbing machines and more! With our support, students will be able to replicate contraptions we show them and make their own modifications to customise their creations.

This programme can be adapted in difficulty for ages 7+.

In this session, we will think about all the types of places we see around our city, and how we can best arrange a city. The aim of this session is for students to think critically about planning and purpose, and then physically build their city!

Engage your students with the thrill of designing, building, and programming LEGO Mindstorms robots! All sessions include a robot build, learning about different sensors and motors, and how to program them to complete challenges. We often customise sessions to fit class topics, and offer one-off introductory sessions through to term-long courses to really engage with the LEGO Mindstorms equipment.
In this course you will learn how to make your own LEGO stop-motion animation movie. We will cover basic film-making principles and LEGO-specific techniques used in producing animations that stretch the imagination. This is a stand-alone workshop that will suit beginners as well as anyone with some prior experience that wishes to develop their skills further. We have a professional set up using cameras, lighting and tripods, as well as 12 iMacs optimised for use with iStopMotion. This session can be extended to multiple sessions encompassing many features of filmmaking, from genre studies, shot types, editing and sound. This course is suitable for ages 7+ and the maximum class size is 12 students, or 24 students with students working in pairs for a 90 minute class. If you have a larger group, we can run the session as two 45 minute mini-sessions, giving students an opportunity to make movies and have a play in our LEGO pits.
Kids love our LEGO-filled play tables and play pits! You might like to add on some play time in our pit before or after a learning session with us - or you may wish to make unfacilitated LEGO play the entire reason for your visit!