Technology-Based Workshops

With a suite of 12 computers, we can cater for groups of up to 24 students for any of our technology-based programmes. Participants will require a basic level of familiarity with using a computer, but we will teach them everything they need to know about using the software relevant to our workshops.


Let us introduce your students to all the fun of designing, building, and programming LEGO Mindstorms robots. All sessions include a basic robot build, learning about different sensors and motors, and how to program them to complete challenges. We can easily customise a session that will fit in to the time you have available for your visit. You can also book in for several sessions where students will take on increasingly harder projects as they gain the necessary robotics skills and knowledge.

For examples of sessions we could run for you, check our our holiday robotics classes.

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In this course you will learn how to make your own LEGO stop-motion animation movie. We will cover basic film-making principles and LEGO-specific techniques used in producing animations that stretch the imagination. This is a stand-alone workshop that will suit beginners as well as anyone with some prior experience that wishes to develop their skills further.

We have a professional set up using cameras, lighting and tripods, as well as 12 iMacs optimised for use with iStopMotion.  This session can be extended to multiple sessions encompassing many features of filmmaking, from genre studies, shot types, editing and sound.

This course is suitable for ages 7+ and the maximum class size is 12 students, or 24 students with students working in pairs for a 90 minute class. If you have a larger group, we can run the session as two 45 minute mini-sessions, giving students an opportunity to make movies and have a play in our LEGO pits.

Curriculum Links
Technology: Technological Practice, Technological Knowledge, Nature of Technology
Arts: Developing Ideas, Communicating and Interpreting
English: Creating meaning for others
Key Competencies
Thinking: creating ideas, solving problems that arise
Using language, symbols and texts: using buttons on software, showing action on film
Managing self: Using technical equipment appropriately, staying on task

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Use our suite of iMacs to create amazing Lego designs digitally! This uses the program Lego Digital Designer, a user friendly building program with thousands of pieces! If you have a specific design project you would like your students to complete, we can easily extend the session to 90 minutes.

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