Whether you are brand new to the world of robotics of looking to take your robot mastery to the next level, we have a class for you!

Spinny Robots: an introduction to LEGO Mindstorms

If you are a first timer, sign up for out beginners’ class. This 60 minute session will introduce students to programming, robotics and mechanics in a fun and interactive way! We will use sensors, make noises and think about how to give our robot friend some personality! This is a really great opportunity for learning together. Children under nine years of age need to be accompanied by an adult to help out (never fear, no robot knowledge is required) and will have a computer and robot to work on together, no second ticket needed!


If you’ve already completed our beginners’ class, used LEGO Mindstorms robots somewhere else before, or are at least nine years old, this two hour class is a great place to start at Imagination Station these holidays! In this session, you will venture a little deeper into building and programming to create a LEGO bulldozer. We will help you set up your programming and give you some plans to build a simple wheeled robot, but you will need to get creative, designing and building your own bulldozer scoop out of Technic. Whose creation will manage to clear the LEGO fastest?

Remote Controlled Vehicles

Are you ready to take your programming skills to another level? Did you know that if you add an infrared sensor to your robot, you can programme a remote control to get your robot to do whatever you want at the touch of a button? Come along to this two hour class to learn how. You can choose how to build your own vehicle, making it as simple or complex as time and your building experience allows. We will show you how to set up a programme for a remote control, then it will be up to you to figure out the best way to configure your controls to get your vehicle through our challenge course.


Have you already completed a couple of our other classes and feel ready to step it up a notch and build a battle-ready robot? This two hour session is the one for you. Here you will have the opportunity to completely custom build your robot, or perhaps weaponise someone else’s robot design and compete against others! We’ll help you with the programming basics to get your robot to attack and defend itself, but it will be up to you to test your robot and perfect your strategy. Let the battle begin!

Robot Challenges

Are you already experienced in building and programming LEGO Mindstorms robots? Come to our advanced class and select from our range of robotics challenges to take your Mindstorms mastery to the next level. Perhaps you would like to build a pair of robots to compete in a tug of war, or programme a robot that can navigate its way through a maze. Alternatively, you can simply come and use our multitude of sensors, motors and Technic parts to build and programme your dream robot.