SOLD OUT: Remote Controlled Technic Race Cars

SOLD OUT: Remote Controlled Technic Race Cars at Imagination Station

Love cars? Love LEGO Technic? You will get to build your own remote control car using our LEGO Technic and motors. We will load you up with a battery pack, receiver and two motors and then it's up to you to build them into an epic remote control car! Don't worry, we will have some examples to show you for those who are new to Technic or unsure where to start.

Once the building component of the session is complete, you will navigate your car around our time trial course using the remote controls to see if your car is the quickest! Don't worry, you will get some time to practice first so you can master the art of driving a remote controlled Technic racer.

This session will be run in the facilitation space (near the computer labs) on Auahatanga | Creativity (level four). We recommend this class for students aged eight and over. Younger imagineers are welcome, but an adult will need to accompany them and help out (no extra charge).

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