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DAYS OF ICE: Robots in Cold Places (Junior)

DAYS OF ICE: Robots in Cold Places (Junior)

Location: This session will run in Spark Place on He Hononga | Connection (ground level) at Tūranga

Session Length: 90 minutes

Price: $17 for a single student working on a robot, $25.50 for two students sharing a robot

Discover the brave robots that help scientists in Antarctica! Build and program a simple LEGO robot, learning how to use sensors, motors, and code.

Come and learn about how we use robots to accomplish the impossible - doing science in places that are too cold, too dangerous, or too remote for human explorers. We'll discover how robots use sensors, motors, and code to collect information and samples, plus you'll build your own using our LEGO Spike robotics equipment.

We recommend this class to students aged 5-8. Students do not require any prior experience with LEGO robotics, but this class is a great next step if they have already completed our My First Robotics or Introduction to LEGO Mindstorms course.

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