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TŪRANGA After School Programme

TŪRANGA: After School Programme at Imagination Station

After school classes will be back in February 2021! We will open enrollments for new students on January 25, but you can pre-register your young LEGO lover now! Fill in our form today to be at the top of our waitlist!

Our after school classes are a time of exploration, fun and carefully controlled chaos, where participants can follow their own interests, guided by some set projects to challenge students to reach well beyond what they think they are capable of! 

We have several options for classes:

Monday: Tūranga 
Wednesday: girls' class at Tūranga
Wednesday: South Christchurch—NEW FOR 2021!
Thursday: New Brighton
Friday: Tūranga 

After school classes are held on Auahatanga | Creativity (level four) of Tūranga. Classes are centred around self-directed learning, with help from our expert facilitators to make projects come to life. We have a range of exciting projects for students to choose from if they need inspiration. Some projects may take a single session to complete, whereas others may keep students engaged for a month or more! When they have completed each project, they are welcome to change streams and begin learning another specialty, or continue with harder and more intense challenges! Students can also bring their own project ideas to us to work on with our support.

Here are some of the option streams we offer:

  • Stop Motion Animation movie making
  • LEGO Mindstorms Robotics
  • Great Ball contraptions
  • LEGO Technic building
  • Digital LEGO design

The cost is $15 per session and can be booked by the term. 

We have learned that age is no barrier to learning with LEGO, so we do not offer a strict age limit for any of our classes. Most children aged eight and over have begun to develop the skills necessary to get the most out of the self-directed approach we take for our after school classes. Younger children can find this environment distracting, but can also excel when given the chance to take responsibility for their own learning. Feel free to get in touch with us by phone or email if you wish to discuss our after school class programmes further.

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