What is Imagination Station?

Imagination Station’s mission is to build creative, lifelong learners.
We do this by providing an environment aligning with our 4 key values: Creativity, Engagement, Accessibility, and Exploration.

Creativity: Creative play is essential to developing creative minds – which result in the critical skills of innovation and empathy being developed.
Engagement: Developing any skill requires time and practice. We use LEGO bricks as a trusted tool to encourage people of all ages to engage with both their own imaginations, and the world around them.
Accessibility: We’re passionate about ensuring that our space that is accessible to everyone in the community, empowering community to break down social barriers, leading to a more well-rounded community.
Exploration: By providing opportunity for enjoyable education, we encourage people to be explorative learners and thinkers, a necessary part of developing a creative community.

Imagination Station is a charity run, not-for-profit play and education centre with a whole lot of LEGO! You can come and build to your heart’s content in our LEGO and DUPLO pits, 10am-6pm, seven days a week. We also offer a variety of learning workshops, both to school groups Monday through Friday and to individuals after school, weekends and holidays. You can also celebrate a birthday at Imagination Station or hire the venue after hours for a private event.

We provide a play area for children and adults that is free to access, although we really appreciate if you can make a donation when you come to play. Everyone is welcome to come, bring their own food and have a relaxing time—for many people it is their first trip back into the central city. We also have a suite of 12 iMacs that we use for classes in stop motion animation, robotics and digital LEGO design. We also are offering a range of educational classes to schools and community groups.

The tram stops right outside our front door and we are just a short walk away from lots of bus stops.

Imagination Station first opened its doors to the public in January of 2015. We were initially set up as a six month project after some creative ideas started flowing between the LEGO Users’ Group, LUG4/2, and the Christchurch City Council. Imagination Station is still run by LUG4/2 (whom you may be familiar with as the organisers of The Christchurch Brick Show), which is an incorporated society and registered charity.

We’ve been so thrilled to see the impact we’ve made on Christchurch so far, and believe we can continue our work for many years to come. We are a charity run operation and are committed to continuing to offer free entry to Imagination Station. As such, we are still heavily reliant on grant funding and your generous donations to remain open. If you are interested in making a donation, you can either donate in store, or via our Givealittle page.

If you’re planning to visit us on a weekend, public holiday or during the school holidays, we recommend making a booking. We have a 50 person capacity for the building for fire safety as we only have one exit. You can book for up to five people for an hour for guaranteed entry.